Pimp your burger with bacon +1,5e
Gluten-free bun +1e

We use 100% Lappish beef.
We serve our beef patties medium, by request well done.
All burgers are available with a vegetarian patty.

3,50e Fries 
4,50e Chili Fries (Potato fries, chili, spring onion, hot wings sauce, blue cheese dip)
3,50e Mixed salad


1,50e Aioli
1,50e Chipotle
1,50e BBQ
1,50e Blue cheese
1,50e Hot wings sauce
1,50e Vegan aioli

Salad 12,90e

Select two of your favorites:

Chicken, bacon, pulled pork, blue cheese, goat cheese, avocado, roasted beetroot, thyme mushroom, tofu-chickpea patty

Hot wings, carrots, celery & blue cheese dip

6 pcs 7,90e
12 pcs 10,90e
18 pcs 12,90e
+ Fries 3,50e
+ Extra dip 1,50e

5,50e Strawberry shake 
5,50e Chocolate shake 
5,50e Vanilla shake 

3,00e One scoop of ice cream 
4,50e Two scoops of ice cream